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A Betta place: Why you shouldn’t keep your bettas in bowls

When I was about seven or eight years old, my mom brought home a betta and kept it in a reg­u­lar ol’ bowl. He was blue and very ac­tive and I loved watch­ing him swim around in the bowl smack­ing into what­ever things I dropped in for dec­o­ra­tion. His name was Tama­home and he only lasted for about two and a half weeks be­fore he died. A mo­ment of si­lence for Tama­home (and for the fact that I named my fish af­ter an anime char­ac­ter)...

Okay, as a kid, I did not know a thing about tak­ing care of fishes and left that up to my mom (which I re­al­ize now might have been a mis­take). All I did was feed my new fish twice a day – ac­cord­ing to the lit­tle pa­per that came with my blue betta – and change the wa­ter once a week. I thought that was it. Guess not, be­cause the next thing I knew, Tama­home was gone (and with­out me ever get­ting him a Mi­aka, too. Sads) and I didn’t even know why. I thought it was be­cause I only fed him once a day be­fore. Turns out, that wasn’t ac­tu­ally it. I don’t want to say it’s com­mon sense, but it’s prob­a­bly com­mon sense but it’s prob­a­bly com­mon sense that keep­ing a betta fish in a sim­ple lit­tle bowl is only ask­ing for hard times and sad­ness. Luck­ily, a book en­ti­tled The Betta Bi­ble by Dr. Martin Brammah landed in my lap – okay, no, a friend lent it to me when I asked for help. In any case, thanks to the book and some ex­tra help from the Almighty In­ter­net, it’s time to get cracking on why bettas shouldn’t be kept in bowls.

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