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Animal Scene - - CONTENTS - by Dr. Stef dela Cruz

Am I the only one who’s happy when it rains?

I’m sure I’m not, but peo­ple nor­mally hate rainy days for many rea­sons. One good rea­son in­volves an­i­mals, es­pe­cially those with­out a safe place to call home.

Since fate fa­vors the pre­pared, rain in any form should be something we’re ready for, es­pe­cially if we have an­i­mals un­der our care. If you’re look­ing for pisopinch­ing tips, you’re in luck: how ex­actly we can save for a rainy day if we have an­i­mal com­pan­ions is something Marielle Al­mario writes about in this is­sue.

Speak­ing of rain, not all an­i­mals hate the in­clement weather – some like it wet, es­pe­cially the seven an­i­mals Jurica Buen­vi­aje lists in her ar­ti­cle.

Once in a while, we do en­counter weather that’s weirder than nor­mal, and it rains more than just cats and dogs. Yes, you read that right: An­i­mals can lit­er­ally fall from the sky, writes Michiko Manalo in her piece this month.

And then there’s the prover­bial type of down­pour, of course: When it rains, it pours. One prob­lem is of­ten seen as the har­bin­ger of many more, threat­en­ing to over­whelm even the most well-ad­justed in­di­vid­ual.

I would like to think it’s just a mat­ter of mind­set. We might mis­con­strue un­for­tu­nate events as re­lated, group­ing them to­gether like a series of rainy days that sig­nal the start of the wet sea­son. Some­times, how­ever, it’s just a mon­soon.

And when the weather takes a turn for the worse, we are bet­ter off find­ing the sil­ver lin­ing. Our colum­nist Gia Lara, who had to deal with an un­ex­pected fe­line vis­i­tor, found her­self thank­ing the heav­ens later for bring­ing the un­likely furry to her doorstep. Check out how she adopted a cat – or maybe I should say, how a cat ended up adopt­ing her.

Mean­while, par­don the plu­vio­phile in me as I sit back and en­joy the cool breeze, the smell of damp soil, the deeper green of the trees, and the pit­ter-pat­ter of rain­drops on my bal­cony. All that’s miss­ing is a mug of hot co­coa with soy milk – and that can be ar­ranged.

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