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Northamp­ton Rep­tile Cen­ter ex­plains that in the day, frog-eyed geckos should be ex­posed to low lev­els of UV rays and tem­per­a­tures rang­ing from 85 to 90of. This could be achieved by us­ing a 40-watt bask­ing bulb.

They still need to be kept warm at night with a tem­per­a­ture of 80of. This may be a challenge, since fro­geyed geckos need com­plete darkness at night. Heating mats would be a bet­ter op­tion to keep them warm at night.

“They need to be al­ways dry,” adds Bert. They should be kept in a dry sub­strate to keep the hu­mid­ity low. How­ever, choos­ing the right kind of sub­strate can be a bit tricky. Their sub­strates should not be too loose for the geckos not to swallow them. Us­ing just about any spe­cial sand bought from a pet store won’t do, es­pe­cially if it has cal­cium in it.

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