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Sci­en­tific name: Ctenosaura sim­ilis

Lo­ca­tion: Mex­ico and Cen­tral Amer­ica

Habi­tat: Hot and dry rocky en­vi­ron­ments

Known as the fastest lizards in the world, run­ning at 34 kilo­me­ters per hour, these di­nosaur-like igua­nas are ter­res­trial in na­ture but are also ca­pa­ble of skill­fully climb­ing up trees and other high places if needed. Ca­pa­ble of grow­ing to 3 to 4 feet, the spiny-tailed iguana gets its name from the sharp, barb-like spines found on its pow­er­ful tail used to ward of preda­tors.

Although gen­er­ally dark gray, or black and white as adults, hatch­lings start off as bright green and grad­u­ally lose their color as time goes by. As ju­ve­niles, they tend to be in­sec­tiv­o­rous, feed­ing on worms and bugs, but later be­come pure her­bi­vores, de­vour­ing flow­ers and fruits.

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