Animal Scene - - VET VISIT -

Hookworms are par­a­sites that you can get if you step bare­foot or touch a sur­face with even the small­est amount of fe­cal mat­ter. Once the hook­worm lar­vae go through your skin, you’re in­fected.

The site of the in­fec­tion will have a rash.

Do make sure your non-hu­man fam­ily mem­bers (like dogs and cats) keep away from the fe­ces of other an­i­mals. Symp­toms of in­fec­tions for our furry friends and fam­ily in­clude weight loss, lethargy, loss of ap­petite, and could pos­si­ble lead to death, due to all the men­tioned symp­toms.

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