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There are two types of Amer­i­can Bull­dogs: the John­son or Clas­sic type, and the Scott or Stan­dard type. The John­son type is the larger and stock­ier of the two, and more closely re­sem­bles the Old English Bull­dog. The Scott type is smaller but leaner which gives way to more power and ath­leti­cism.


While most fe­male dogs give birth to an av­er­age of 6 pup­pies per lit­ter, fe­male Amer­i­can bull­dogs can give birth up to 11 pup­pies per lit­ter. That’s a whole lotta lovin.


Amer­i­can Bull­dogs are very ath­letic, some have even been recorded to jump as high as six feet (or more) into the air!

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