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“Free-range” is con­sid­ered one step more hu­mane than “cage­free” be­cause the fowls are ex­pected to have ac­cess to more space, fresh air, and sun­light.

How­ever, Mark Kas­tel of the Cor­nu­copia In­sti­tute ex­plained that the an­i­mals’ ac­cess to the out­doors is usu­ally just “a few small doors that lead to a screened-in porch with ce­ment, dirt, or a mod­icum of grass.”

He added that in­dus­trial fans in the fa­cil­ity suck am­mo­nia (a byprod­uct of the chem­i­cal de­com­po­si­tion of uric acid in bird drop­pings) out of the build­ing, creat­ing “hur­ri­cane winds” through the small door­ways that pre­vent the birds from ac­tu­ally go­ing out­side.

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