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But, scary ven­omous risks and 50-50 chances of get­ting KO’D by a bite aside, we won­dered if there were other in­ter­est­ing fac­toids about Mon­o­cled co­bras.

“Co­bras in gen­eral have a bad rep­u­ta­tion, but they’re one of the smartest snakes out there,” our source tells us, men­tion­ing how co­bras tend to ob­serve and bluff a lot. “They’ll bite only when it’s nec­es­sary and in fact, co­bras only inject venom when they’re hunt­ing or when they think it’s a threat.”

In other words, co­bras use their venom as a de­fense mech­a­nism. “Co­bras need venom for hunt­ing or killing their prey. They have a lim­ited amount of venom and it takes time for them to [make more], this is why they save their venom [for when it’s] nec­es­sary.”

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