Sharon, nag-senti sa pagdadalaga ni Frankie

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DEBUT ni Frankie Pangilinan sa December 16, at may senti post si Sharon Cuneta, dahil magiging adult na ang panganay nila ni Sen. Kiko Pangilinan.

“An adult in eleven days... MY FRANKIE... My darling Simone Francesca Emmanuelle. God has heard, the meaning of Simon, from which her name Simone is derived. Francesc after her Daddy Francis (his name is not Francisco, which is what many people think). Emmanuelle, another name for Jesus.

“My girl, my Baba. My loving, affectionate baby. I am so blessed to have YOU in my life, my Kakie.

You make me feel like I haven’t failed at all, and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you for loving me, respecting me, for being a good and grateful daughter.

“Remember: There is only one in the Ten Commandments that is followed by a promise: Honor thy father and thy mother, and thou shall be blessed. And you are, my darling. No matter what may be hurting your heart, you are and will always be blessed because you are a good daughter. Just you wait! The world is at your feet and the best is yet to come.

“I am crazy about you and miss you so much! You have grown up to be more beautiful (inside too!) than anyone could have ever imagined. I miss your hugs and kisses and always, ALWAYS your loving moral support for me in anything I do.

“Thank you for being proud that you are my daughter. It means the world to me. Just like you. I love you with all my heart. Forever, your loving Mama.”

Darating pala sa bansa ang boyfriend ni KC Concepcion na si Pierre-Emmanuel-Plassart para dumalo sa debut ni Frankie, at sabi nga ni KC, para maging escort niya sa party.


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