Kris iwas muna sa socmed


MAY update si Kris Aquino sa kanyang medical status at sabi nito, sumailalim siya sa blood extraction at sabi nito, “it was a case of good news/bad news today. Allow me the privilege of keeping certain details to myself because i’m still processing the long term implicatio­ns.”

“I’m willing to share that if we ignore my RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and WBC numbers, and looked only at everything else that would be tested for during a thorough blood exam, and without the autoimmune antibody markers we closely monitor, a healthy person would be very happy with my numbers.

At this point, my current numbers RULE OUT both SLE & rheumatoid arthritis. BUT there are antibodies that have significan­tly increased again, putting added strain sa isang vital part ng katawan natin na minsan na dededma dahil hindi tayo aware kung gaano ito kahalaga.

Yes, STRESS and ANXIETY are contributi­ng factors, especially where my autoimmune is concerned.

Kung dadalang ang mga post, it doesn’t necessaril­y mean i am sad, depressed, and sicker- i am only giving myself time to heal until my next set of tests in about 10 to 12 weeks,” post ni Kris.

Sa kanyang post, nabanggit din ni Kris na hindi pa siya sure kung eligible siyang mabakunaha­n ng antiCOVID dahil nga sa kanyang kondisyon. Naniniwala siya na

dapat i-proritize ang mga bata dahil sila ang kinabukasa­n ng bansa.

Sa sumunod niyang post, may sinabi si Kris na “For this Holy Week, i’ll refrain from social media and focus on God’s teachings to nourish my soul so that my personal relationsh­ip with Him shall be my focus, and then i know i’ll be on the right track.”

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