Kris mas type maglaro ng baril kesa manyika

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MAALIWALAS at mukhang healthy na uli ang itsura ni Kris Aquino, base sa mga bagong litrato at video na ipinost niya sa Instagram.

Ito’y matapos ang isinagawang medical evaluation and procedure kay Kris sa isang ospital sa Singapore. Kahapon, nag-post angf Queen of Social Media ng kanyang litrato kung saan napapalibutan siya ng mga Care Bear stuffed toys. Dito, binalikan ng mommy nina Joshua at Bimby ang kanyang pagkabata. "Bimb surprised me with the pink Love-a-Lot Bear before my procedures... i asked if the store had more? They got me all available ones this afternoon because for me ‘CARE BEARS’ isn’t just a useful pa cute phrase.

"I hope i’m remembering accurately... I believe 1983 was when i got my 1st Care Beari’m sure it was the peach one, googled now to be sure there was an original peach colored Care Bear, yes it was the one with 2 flowers on the tummy, FRIEND BEAR.

"I think i’d mentioned it before, I didn’t play with dolls as a younger kid. I liked guns (the noisy wooden ones & the ones that would light up like Christmas lights- because this was the peak of the original Charlie’s Angels TV series).

"I played with my doctor’s kit that came in a wheeled operating room tray; then the easy bake oven; speak & spell (made famous in E.T.); a teacher’s blackboard with student’s desks; and a cash register that printed receipts for my ‘supermarket’ & ‘restaurant’; and every imaginable type of microphone.

"It was only in the US that I finally had a Cabbage Patch Doll, Strawberry Shortcake, the Smurfs, and a Care Bear. Let’s reminisce about stickers & Lisa Frank another time.

"We all deserve more of what makes us HAPPY regardless of where we are in life. So here’s wishing all of you a generous supply of smiles & good cheer. #lovelovelove!" ang mahabang caption ni Kris sa kanyang IG photo.

Nasa Singapore pa rin ngayon si Kris para sa ilang araw pang pamamahinga.


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