Pacquiao to KO Broner in later rounds says sparmate

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HOLLYWOOD— Take it from American amateur fighter Arnold Gonzales, clashing with Manny Pacquiao is a painful affair.

Gonzales, whose stance and built resemble that of Adrien Broner, said the American challenger needs to be in his best shape to stand a chance on January 19.

Gonzalez, 25, was Pacquiao’s final sparring partner for the training camp, clashing for four rounds on S a t u rday where he swore he felt the full power of the only eight-division champ.

In total, he sparred with Pacquiao for 20 rounds.

“I think he caught me with the hardest shot I have been hit,” said Gonzales. “He caught me with a left cross. I felt it today, and he connected straight to my face. He did hit me with upper cuts to the body.”

He said that over the course of three weeks, Pa cqu i a o was at his sharpest.

“I think he (Pacquiao) stops him in the later rounds, he’s gonna overwhelm Broner, I think,” Gonzales said. “He punches way toomuch, he swi tches ang l e s and Broner does not do much. He takes a lot of breaks and stays in the back.”

All in all, Freddie Roach said the key would be speed.

“I said (to head trainer Buboy Fernandez) that we work on speed. Speed is the big factor, that’s gonna be the difference in the fight,” added Roach.

But Gonzales swore that aside from speed, Pacquiao’s timing is also a lethal weapon.

“I mean he (Broner) better be in the best shape of his life becauseManny’s gonna be unstoppable. Even though he’s 40 years old, he’s moving in the ring like he’s 20 years young,” Gonzales said.

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