Pneumonia remains top killer of PH kids –expert

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PNEUMONIA remained to be the top killer of children in the Philippine­s and the rest of the globe which makes it critical to give wider access to vaccines as a preventive measure, according to an internatio­nal expert on pediatric diseases and their cures.

Dr. James Wee, medical director of pharmaceut­ical company Pfizer who had done extensive research on different diseases stalking children, said three types of deadly microbes, or serotypes, cause pneumonia among children 5 years or younger and are still prevalent in the Philippine­s.

The three serotypes, Wee said in a statement, cause serious infections but one, which he identified as serotype 19A, was the most virulent and prevalent. It is also associated with antibiotic resistance, he said.

Another serotype, 3, is associated with complicate­d pneumonia. Serotype 6A is a cause of invasive pneumococc­al disease.

According to Wee, pneumonia is the No. 1 cause of death among children worldwide, worse than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. –

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