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happy,” 32 percent saying “it could be happier,” and 14 percent saying they “do not have a love life.”

It also found out that married men and married women have a happier love life compared to those who are single and with a live-in partner.

On the other hand, those who wish that their love lives could be happier are highest among men with a live-in partner at 36 percent and women with a live-in partner at 48 percent.

Meanwhile, the majority of Filipinos would choose health over love and money when asked if they would only pick one among the three.

Survey results showed 70 percent chose health, 23 percent love, and only 7 percent chose money. —Inquirer.net

TWO policemen were injured when they were ambushed by New People’s Army members in San Narciso, Quezon, Friday morning.

Injured were Pat. Millan Kenn Parco and Pat. Kennedy Piamonte, both members of the local police unit, according to a report from the Quezon provincial police.

The incident occurred in Brgy. San Juan, around 8:40 a.m.

Members of the San Narciso Police were patroling aboard their mobile car when an undetermin­ed number of rebels met them with gunfire, according to the report.

Parco reported that they returned fire and hit one rebel.

Residents brought Parco and Piamonte to a local hospital, where they are now being secured by other lawmen. — John Roson

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