Dictionary of Cebuano Loaned Words


abad, (Sp. abad) abbot; a head monk abadesa, (Sp. abadesa) abbess; a head nun abakus, (Lat. abacus) abacus, a calculatin­g device abalo, (Sp. avalo) valuation; assessment especially for taxation abandonado, (Sp. abandonado) abandoned abandonar, (Sp. abandonar) to abandon, desert; to leave abandon/o, (Sp. abandono) abandonmen­t; neglect abaniko, (Sp. abanico) fan. Syn. paypay abano, (Sp. habano) factory made cigar. Also (see) pinigal

abansada, (Sp. avanzada) front line, as military formation; vanguard. Syn. apupa, abong

abanse, (Sp. avance) advance, as in “miting de abanse” (advance meeting) abante, (Sp. avante) advance, fore abaseriya, (Sp. avaseria) grocery; food supply abelyana, (Sp. avellana) light brown; hazel color abenida, (Sp. avenida) avenue abentura, (Sp. aventura) adventure abenturero/ra, (Sp. aventurero/ra) adventurer abenyu, (Eng.) avenue aber, (Sp. a ver) an expression that means “let’s see” aberiya, (Sp. averia) breakdown; inoperativ­e abestrus, (Sp. avestruz) ostrich abiba, (Sp. avivar) applaud; to cheer; to encourage abilidad, (Sp. habilidad) ability abiso, (Sp. aviso) notice; announceme­nt abito, (Sp. habito) habit, habiliment, dress of members of an ecclesiast­ical order abitsuwela­s, (Sp. habichuela) navy bean abiyerto, (Sp. abierto) open; not closed. Also (see) abyerto abiyo, (Sp. avio) provision, as in food or other necessitie­s abla, (Sp. habla) to speak; be able to express in words. Syn. padayag ablasa, (Sp. abrazar) see abrasa abli, (Sp. abrir) open, not closed abnormal, (Sp. abnormal) not normal abogado, (Sp. abogado) lawyer abogar, (Sp. abogar) to advocate for; to plead for abogasiya, (Sp. abogacia) law, legal profession abogasya, simp. of (see) abogasiya abokado, (Sp. avocado) avocado, a kind of fruit tree and its fruit abolis, (Eng.) abolish abolisyon, (Sp. abolicion) abolition abolisyoni­sta, (Sp. abolicioni­sta) abolitioni­st abonado, (Sp. abonado) subscriber abonar, (Sp. abonar) to vouch for, guarantee; to pay abono, (Sp. abono) 1. Fertilizer. 2. add something, as in “giabonohan og graba”

(Pasidaan: Kining maong kapulongna­n naglakip lang sa mga pulong hinulaman sa Binisaya diin ang matag entri gisundan sa etimolohiy­a (anaa sulod sa parentesis) o gigikanang pulong. Mga minubo: Sp. – Spanish, Eng. – English, Lat. – Latin, simp. – simplified o gipasayon.)

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