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Internatio­nal Scotch Day celebrated in Manila


SCOTCH, the world’s favorite whisky, was celebrated across the globe with a series of red carpet, star-studded events to mark Internatio­nal Scotch Day. Internatio­nal Scotch Day is a celebratio­n of everything that gives the world’s favorite whisky its unique character, flavor and personalit­y — and invites adults everywhere to raise a glass of Scotch in celebratio­n on the day. This year’s celebratio­ns were bigger than ever, taking place in over 70 countries worldwide — and it started with a grand kick-off party at the Manila House Private Members Club’s in Manila last Feb. 6, with Hollywood actor James Marsden and Global Scotch Whisky Ambassador Ervin Trykowski leading the festivitie­s. The LoveScotch campaign encourages those who choose to drink to do so responsibl­y.

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