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Globe deploys nearly 1,700 LTE sites

- Paola C. Marcelo Patrizia

GLOBE TELECOM, Inc. on Sunday said it has deployed close to 1,700 long-term evolution (LTE) sites using the 700 megahertz (MHz) nationwide.

“Aggressive deployment of LTE 700 sites has led to improvemen­t in the country’s mobile speeds,” the telecommun­ications giant said in a statement.

The 700 MHz frequency and 2600 MHz band were among San Miguel Corp.’s telecommun­ications assets which were jointly acquired by Globe and PLDT, Inc. in 2016.

Globe said it also rolled out close to 2,000 sites on the 2600 MHz and 1800 MHz bands, with majority of the company’s LTE 700, LTE 2600 and L1800 sites deployed mainly in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao where a high number of customers are using LTE-capable devices. Users with LTE-capable devices experience better LTE connectivi­ty.

Using the 2600 MHz, Globe also fired up around 170 massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) sites. It said the massive MIMO technology enables a mobile network to multiply the capacity of a wireless connection without requiring more antennas.

“The technology thus increases wireless throughput, accommodat­ing more users at higher data rates with better reliabilit­y while consuming less power,” Globe said, adding that massive MIMO is also the fundamenta­l radio access technology for fifth generation ( 5G). —

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