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FWD Life Philippine­s finds cause in North Pole Marathon 2018

- Murillo Michael Angelo S.

SEEING how it runs in line with what it stands for as a brand, which is to pursue one’s passions and celebratin­g life without hesitation, FWD Life Philippine­s has thrown its support to the North Pole Marathon 2018 which is happening in April.

Set for April 9, the event dubbed the “world’s coolest marathon” will have the FWD Group as title sponsor and will see it send participan­ts to take on the extreme challenges of the race and embrace the experience of a lifetime that it presents.

In conjunctio­n with it, the local wing of the life insurance company launched on Feb. 20 the “Blaze a Trail in the Arctic” campaign to show its support for the marathon and what it generally embodies of overcoming challenges and pursuing one’s passion.

FWD Life Philippine­s also sees it as a good platform to share the value of financial literacy to encourage people to strike a balance between living life to the fullest but at the same time being ready as well.

“As a brand that continues to change the way people feel about insurance, FWD saw the North Pole Marathon as a unique platform to empower people to overcome extreme challenges, to pursue their aspiration­s without worries, and to ignite their passion for life- enriching experience­s,” said FWD Life Philippine­s President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Grimes in a statement, speaking of the motor that has them rallying behind the North Pole marathon.

“With ‘Blaze a Trail in the Arctic’ as our Philippine campaign promoting the marathon, we aim to encourage Filipinos to live life to the fullest, because we will always have their back!” he added.

In the marathon, which is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “Northernmo­st Marathon on Earth,” participan­ts will traverse the 42- kilometer path with an average temperatur­e of -30 degrees centigrade.

One of those competing in the marathon is Filipino multi-sport athlete Louie Sangalang, one of 10 runners from six countries across Asia who FWD is sponsoring.

A cancer survivor, FWD Life Philippine­s said Mr. Sangalang’s life journey made him a “perfect choice” to represent the Philippine­s.

“Louie’s resilience in overcoming life’s challenges is one trait that resonates with Filipinos and this made him the perfect choice to represent the Philippine­s in the marathon,” said Mr. Grimes.

“His inspiring story and his passion for sports, which he uses to inspire Filipinos to live an active lifestyle, also best represent what FWD stands for: pursuing one’s passions and celebratin­g life without hesitation. As such, FWD will be providing Louie with insurance protection so that he can embrace the North Pole Marathon challenge worry-free,” he added.

For Mr. Sangalang, a triathlete and mixed martial arts champion at the Universal Reality Combat Championsh­ip, the North Pole marathon is a good opportunit­y for him to share his story and, in turn, inspire other people to rise above the hardships thrown their way whatever those may be.

“I want to inspire my fellow Filipinos with my story. This is why I’m running. I want them to feel empowered, that despite the many challenges that life throws, you can come back better and stronger with the right attitude,” said Mr. Sangalang, 40, who was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix when he was 21 but has been in remission since 2000.

“I’m excited for the North Pole Marathon. This is a once- in- alifetime opportunit­y for me and I’m happy to represent the country. And, yes, I consider this as one of the toughest battles in my life but after all I have gone through I believe I can overcome this as well,” added Mr. Sangalang.

To help Mr. Sangalang prepare for the task at hand, FWD Life Philippine­s has assembled a team of coaches to help him prepare for the different facets of the marathon.

Part of the team are Ani De Leon-Brown and coach Ige Lopez for Louie’s physical preparedne­ss; mountain climber Romi Garduce, who will share his insights on surviving extreme weather conditions; Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and son Benjamin, who will provide emotional support and motivation; and sports enthusiast and funny man Sam YG, who will help keep the rigorous— sometimes stressful— training, lightheart­ed and fun.

FWD Group spans Hong Kong and Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippine­s, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan, offering life and medical insurance, general insurance, and employee benefits across a number of its markets.

For more informatio­n on the marathon and the FWD’s campaign, log on to npmarathon. fwd. com. ph. —

 ??  ?? MULTI-SPORT athlete and cancer survivor Louie Sangalang (in cap) with officials of FWD Life Philippine­s and partners and members of Team Sangalang pose for photo during the launch of FWD Life Philippine­s’ “Blaze a Trail in the Arctic” campaign on Feb....
MULTI-SPORT athlete and cancer survivor Louie Sangalang (in cap) with officials of FWD Life Philippine­s and partners and members of Team Sangalang pose for photo during the launch of FWD Life Philippine­s’ “Blaze a Trail in the Arctic” campaign on Feb....

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