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Magic Leap,


product has been launched, is due to the wide range of hardware and software breakthrou­ghs required. These include developing its own silicon and optics system to power the digital lightfield visuals from within a compact device, as well as building out the operating system and applicatio­ns that will run on it.

The company is vying with the likes of Microsoft and Apple for a head start in what some see as the next generation of computing.

Founder and chief executive Rony Abovitz insists that its technology could one day replace both PCs and smartphone­s with what he calls “spatial computing.” In December, the company unveiled a preliminar­y device, Magic Leap One, aimed at “designers, developers and creatives.”

However, it is unclear exactly how much the “Creator Edition” of its device will cost — probably more than $1,000 — or when it will be made widely available. Earlier this month, Magic Leap struck a partnershi­p deal with the NBA, the US basketball league, showing off a promotiona­l video featuring player Shaquille O’Neal wearing its futuristic goggles.

Magic Leap has promised that its “creator portal,” a toolkit for external developers to create apps and games for its headset, will be available in early 2018. — Additional reporting by Simeon Kerr

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