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To fur ther cut the costs in en­ergy, turn­ing of f the lights when are not needed must be ob­served. Mak­ing this a rou­tine does not only saves en­ergy, it also ex­tends the overa l l lamp life and re­duces re­place­ment costs. Thus, tak­ing ad­van­tage of the nat­u­ral light is ben­e­fi­cial.

In terms of bus ines s equip­ment in­clud­ing copiers, print­ers and faxes, choose those that are equipped with standby fea­ture. Also con­sider us­ing timers to turn off larger copiers and print­ers as these de­vices still con­sume valu­able elec­tric­ity when in standby mode, Pow­erdi­rect said.

In to­day’s mod­ern age, com­puter is a ba­sic need in all busi­nesses. Sim­i­lar to other equip­ment, en­sure that its pow­er­sav­ing fea­ture is ac­ti­vated so the mon­i­tor and com­puter both go into standby mode af­ter a cer­tain amount of in­ac­tiv­ity. In ad­di­tion, all the staff must be ad­vised to al­ways turn off the com­put­ers when they leave the of­fice.

In pur­chas­ing new com­put­ers, con­sider whether a lap­top could be a bet­ter op­tion than a desk­top com­puter. Pow­erdi­rect said that aside from in­creased pro­duc­tiv­ity, lap­tops con­sume less en­ergy than their desk­top coun­ter­part.

For heat­ing and cool­ing as­pect, there are also sim­ple tips that can help cut the en­ergy cost. First, en­sure that the work­place is well in­su­lated; most es­pe­cially the ceil­ing. As Pow­erdi­rect noted, this is one area that of­ten ig­nored and the one where busi­nesses can save sig­nif­i­cant en­ergy us­age.

Sec­ond, look at weath­er­ing the build­ing to re­duce the cool­ing bill. “In­stalling win­dow shades, so­lar re­duc­tion fi lm or awnings will re­duce the heat en­ter­ing your build­ing,” Pow­erdi­rect said.

Fu r t her­mor e , in­stall au­to­matic closers on ex­ter­nal door so they are not left open. Also con­sider in­stalling blinds or cur­tains on ex­ter­nal win­dows to re­duce heat from en­ter­ing.

Above all these, em­ploy­ers should ed­u­cate and en­cour­age its em­ploy­ees to be en­er­gy­con­scious and to of­fer ideas about how en­ergy can be saved. Des­ig­nat­ing a re­spon­si­ble party to pro­mote good en­ergy prac­tices within the or­ga­ni­za­tion is a good idea to con­sider.

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