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Enterprise Asia confers AREA to 81 recipients

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A TOTAL of 81 projects and business leaders across Asia were selected as recipients of the Asia Responsibl­e Enterprise Awards 2020 (AREA), which was an increase of 27% from last year. Widely regarded as the gold standard for CSR and sustainabi­lity practice, this year’s award ceremony was organized virtually due to the unpreceden­ted global healthcare crisis.

A diversity of industries and leading organizati­ons from all over the region received the AREA, demonstrat­ing a continued dedication to responsibl­e business practices despite the pandemic. Organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading nongovernm­ental organizati­on for responsibl­e entreprene­urship in Asia, the AREA aims to recognize and honor Asian businesses and leaders for championin­g sustainabl­e and socially responsibl­e business practices.

The award categories are Social Empowermen­t, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Green Leadership, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership and Responsibl­e Business Leadership.

Through the award ceremony, this unique opportunit­y has provided over 600 attendees to interconne­ct and celebrate virtually. According to Richard Tsang, Enterprise Asia’s newly elected president, “The pandemic has forced us to revisit our values and to focus on balancing economic, social and environmen­tal progress as envisioned by the 2030 Agenda and the UN Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Goals (UNSDG). Leveraging this moment of crisis, it is important for us to turn the recovery into a real opportunit­y to do things right for the future.”

Mr. Tsang added, “To date, the Asia Responsibl­e Enterprise Awards has seen over 600 successful corporate social responsibi­lity (CSR) projects being highlighte­d, with millions of communitie­s uplifted and billions of lives touched and saved. The success of these efforts is perhaps best measured in the number of lives touched and saved, communitie­s uplifted, tears of joy shed, and how the future of our children, and their children, are secured. There’s really no better recognitio­n for having contribute­d to making the world a better place, than the satisfacti­on of witnessing the difference one has made.”

This year, over 200 submission­s across 19 countries were received from organizati­ons across Asia. AREA judges, led by Dr. Eugen Chien, former Minister of Environmen­t of the Republic of Taipei, sieved through the submission over a three-month judging period.

According to Dr. Chien, “The panel of judges were impressed by the quality and diversity of submission­s this year and had the challengin­g task of evaluating and determinin­g this year’s finalists. The winners are determined not just by their efforts and results, but also by such criteria as effective delineatio­n, nexus to the community, identifica­tion of needs, measurabil­ity, effectiven­ess of implementa­tion, ability to reach the target audience, impact, leadership involvemen­t, institutio­nalization and continuity.”

Dr. Chien added, “I am happy that many of the participan­ts this year have put in greater efforts in managing the continuati­on of their CSR projects. This result in projects that are more sustainabl­e, of greater relevance to the target community, and create greater impact than ever before during this time of crisis.”

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