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Webinar series for new pet parents


NEW pet owners or those who need to brush up on their pet care skills can join Royal Canin’s “Start of Life” webinar series. The first webinar, “Royal Beginnings: Kickstarti­ng Your Puppy’s Best Life,” will be a virtual walkthroug­h of the key golden moments and milestones of a puppy’s first year of life and how to enjoy each stage of their growth. The webinar will be shown on Royal Canin’s Facebook page (@RoyalCanin­PH) on Feb. 26, at 2 p.m. Stephanie Zubiri will host the webinar, with speakers like singer Moira Dela Torre, Dr. Ed Unson of Animal House Veterinary Clinic, Profession­al Breeder Meg Laudit, and Dr. Kitsie Torres of Royal Canin. They will each discuss key golden moments of your new puppy’s life from puppy-proofing your home, buying the right gear, how to train and socialize them, to vaccinatio­ns and nutrition. Another webinar, “Royal Beginnings: Kickstarti­ng Your Kitten’s Best Life,” on March 12 at 2 p.m. will be hosted by Janeena Chan and will cover the same lineup of topics — preparing your home to socializin­g your new kitten and how to develop a bond with them. Learn from speakers like Francis Bonnevie, Dr. Kitsie Torres, Dr. Norbert Robles, and Maureen Wroblewitz. For more informatio­n and updates, visit Royal Canin’s Facebook page at­PH.

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