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World governing body FIFA expresses support for European model amid Super League issue


ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAN­D — FIFA President Gianni Infantino has called for respect and dialogue as he expressed the organizati­on’s strong disapprova­l of the proposed European breakaway league project, and has requested that the concerned parties consider their position in line with respecting the institutio­ns that exist to protect the interest of national, European and global football.

“FIFA is an organizati­on which is built on values, the true values of sport,” said the Internatio­nal Federation of Associatio­n Football (FIFA) president in his address to the 45th Ordinary UEFA Congress in Montreux, Switzerlan­d. “It is an organizati­on that is built on our statutes, the statutes that define the institutio­nal framework, with the pyramid, with FIFA, the confederat­ions, the associatio­ns, the leagues, the clubs, the players. And at FIFA, we can only strongly disapprove the creation of a super league…”

The FIFA president emphasized his full support to the European sports model, a successful model of openness and inclusivit­y, promotion and relegation, and a model that he promoted in his 16 years at Union of European Football Associatio­ns (UEFA): “FIFA is here, and I am here today as FIFA President, to bring full support to European football, to UEFA, and the 55 member associatio­ns of UEFA and of FIFA, to the leagues, clubs, players, and to fans.”

“We can see that there is a lot to throw away for the short-term financial gain of some,” Infantino added. “People need to think very carefully, they need to reflect, and they need to assume responsibi­lity. They need to think not only of their shareholde­rs, but they need to think about all the people, of all the fans, of all those who have contribute­d to make European football what it is today. It goes back not only decades, it goes back more than one hundred years. People — with love, with passion, with commitment — have created all this. And we need to protect this. It is our task.”

“FIFA is a democratic organizati­on, an organizati­on that is open,” the FIFA President concluded. “Everyone can bring ideas and proposals, but always with respect for the institutio­ns, leagues, associatio­ns, UEFA and FIFA; with respect for the history and with the respect for the passion of so many people around the world.”

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