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Dine al fresco at Shangri-La Plaza

SHANGRI-LA Plaza has now set up more open-air dining areas, allowing mall guests to enjoy dining out as safely as possible. The identified al fresco dining areas are the Shang’s Streetscap­e, the Level 5 East Wing balcony, and the Sky Garden at the Level 6 Main Wing. The Streetscap­e has a dedicated Shang Concierge where mall guests can place their food orders from any of their favorite restaurant­s within the mall. The Level 5 East Wing balcony and the Sky Garden areas allow mall visitors to enjoy meals ordered from nearby restaurant­s, including Buffalo’s Wings n’ Things, Pho Hoa, Tender Bobs, Zao Vietnamese Bistro, Southern Grind, Kettle and more. These outdoor dining spots observe safety protocols mandated by IATF and the local government. Mall guests in these areas will have to follow social distancing measures including sitting one seat apart from each other. They must keep wearing their masks except when eating. Aside from the Streetscap­e, the Level 5 East Wing balcony, the Sky Garden, another dining area will open soon the Parking Link. The dining areas are open daily from 11 a.m to 8 p.m. For inquiries, call 8-370-2597/98 or visit­lazaoffici­al.

Que Rica offers Bicol’s

sinantolan ONE of Que Rica’s products is Sinantolan which is unique to Bicol cuisine. Made from minced santol (cotton fruit) simmered in coconut milk with salted baby shrimps and aromatics, sinantolan is traditiona­lly eaten as a viand on the side of grilled or fried fish. Its light pink color (which comes from the salted baby shrimps) gives it that nice contrast with fish or meat. While a tasty dish on its own, people have discovered other ways to eat it: as a dip, slathered on crackers or dolloped on top of a crunchy crostini; with a bowl of crisp greens, a refreshing take on salad dressings; and mixed into rice. Que Rica’s Sinantolan is crafted in small batches and bottled by a community of women in the town of Gainza, Camariñes Sur. Aside from the Sinantolan, Que Rica also bottles vegetarian Laing and Taba ng Talangka. The bottled goods are perfect for gifting. Since 2015, Rica Dakudao Buenaflor, founder of Que Rica has been on a mission to champion Bicolano cuisine and catapult it into the world stage with products like Laing Longganisa and Pili Nuts (in truffle pecorino, with Himalayan salt, and PiliCoffee cluster bombs). Que Rica’s are available online and in selected specialty stores.

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