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Def Jam releases first EP in Rekognize series

- Rekognize­ze. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman

HIP-HOP scene record label Def Jam Philippine­s has brought together 129 artists and 14 music producers for its Rekognize EP series. The project involves the release of four EPs within the year.

The first one, titled Nite N’ Day, was released on April 16. It features lead singles “Beautiful Day” by Mike Swift, D-Coy, Alisson Shore, kiyo, and Mark Beats, which dropped earlier this year; and “Atin Ang Gabi” by Al James, Legit Misfitz, K24/7, and Calvin De Leon. The three other tracks are “H247,” “Solitaryo,” and “Pusuan Mo.”

“We look for artists that are creatively genuine, amazingly talented, world-class and have a great character and good working attitude, humble but confident, and can have a long-lasting and fruitful relationsh­ip together with our team,” Allan Mitchell “Daddy A” Silonga, A&R (Artists and Repertoire) Senior Manager of Def Jam Philippine­s, said in a statement.

“Music doesn’t seem to have many boundaries anymore,” Senior Vice-President, A&R Def Jam US, Marisa Pizarro said during an online press conference held via Zoom on April 15. “We got to collaborat­e and lift each other up, so I think projects like this help expand our reach.This is just the start of many things to come.”

Def Jam Philippine­s is introducin­g new artists through the Rekognize EP series, including the rap group VVS Collective, known for their melodic trap and mumble rap style; 13-yearold rapper Tiffany Lhei; SCYE, a lyrical rapper from Bulacan; 20-year-old R&B singer-songwriter DonWilson from Batangas; 17-year-old rapper and songwriter Eurieka from Caloocan; rapper and songwriter Tommie King; R&B singer J-Nine; 17-year-old rapper and singersong­writer Fateeha; and rapper and singer-songwriter from Quezon Province, JMara.

Launched in 2019, Def Jam Philippine­s is part of the Def Jam Southeast Asian division, along with Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Def Jam Philippine­s is a division of MCA Music, Inc.

“We launched Def Jam in Southeast Asia [back in 2019] because everyone knows hip-hop is a culture. Hip-hop is a universal language that we can actually enjoy together,” Managing Director of MCA Music Philippine­s, Enzo Valdez said.

“One of our big goals is to tour the artists around Southeast Asia once we can, so that they can be appreciate­d. The unity that we’re trying to [achieve] in the Philippine­s, [then] later on, it [will be] unity between Southeast Asian countries. And then from there, we’re going to bring it to the world,” Mr. Valdez said.

While concerts and touring are still taking a back seat because of the ongoing pandemic, Def Jam Philippine­s plans to mount online performanc­es within the year as the subsequent EPs in the project are released.

Listen to the EP at

 ??  ?? Def Jam PH Artists (L-R) VVS Collective, JMara, DonWilson, SCYE, Eurieka, Fateeha, Tommie King, Tiffany Lhei, J-Nine
Def Jam PH Artists (L-R) VVS Collective, JMara, DonWilson, SCYE, Eurieka, Fateeha, Tommie King, Tiffany Lhei, J-Nine

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