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Driving towards electric vehicle developmen­t


SHIFTING to sustainabl­e transporta­tion is a key driver of hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the Philippine­s. This is among the initiative­s that seek to address the country’s air pollution, which 80% were caused by motor vehicles according to a 2016 data cited by Swiss air quality technology company IQAir.

Hybrid and EVs are designed to reduce such threatenin­g emissions. The Philippine­s, therefore, continues to work on developing the emerging EV industry.

As of 2018, EVs only comprised a small share of the country’s automotive market. There were only about 7,000 EVs registered under the Land Transporta­tion Office (LTO), shared Electric Vehicle Associatio­n of the Philippine­s (EVAP) President Edmund A. Araga in a statement.

Nonetheles­s, there seems to be an interest in EVs among Filipinos. In a Nissan-commission­ed survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, the Philippine­s is one of the most eager nations to

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