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Alfie Alley Year 2 happening at The Pop Up Katipunan tomorrow


ALFONSO BRANDY, a cherished part of Philippine culture for over two decades, is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipate­d return of Alfie Alley in its second year. This nationwide event is poised to ignite the streets of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with the electrifyi­ng energy of street culture, music, art, and the unmatched taste of Alfonso Brandy.

Alfie Alley Year 2 takes over The Pop Up Katipunan this April 19 as it amps up the festivitie­s with a stellar lineup of musical talents, including Ace Banzuelo, Sud, Autotelic, John Roa, and Sandwich, guaranteei­ng an unforgetta­ble night of celebratio­n. Guests are invited to join engaging games at the Light, Zero, and Platinum booths for a chance to win exclusive merchandis­e, all while savoring their favorite Alfonso Brandy whether neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

Alfie Alley Year 2 aims to be more than an event; it’s a cultural phenomenon that celebrates the power of community, the beauty of art, and the joy of music. With an expanded scope and a dedication to delivering an unparallel­ed experience, this year’s celebratio­n is poised to set a new standard for street culture events in the Philippine­s. Follow Alfonso Brandy’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels for updates.

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