A serving of equal opportunit­y


CAsuAl dining brands Teriyaki Boy and sizzlin’ steak strengthen­ed its advocacy to empower deaf Filipinos with employment opportunit­ies by partnering with organizati­ons that help the often-neglected subgroup.

After launching the program in 2018, the two brands under Max’s Group Inc. recently announced their tie-up with the CsB-sDEAs (College of saint Benilde-school of Deaf Education and Advanced studies) and lCDPFI (leonard Cheshire Disability Philippine­s Foundation Inc.).

“In the Philippine­s, it’s really a problem for any person with disability [PWD] to be self-sustainabl­e,” said Teriyaki

Boy and sizzlin’ steak Chief Operating Officer John s. Amante. “What we’re trying to do is to provide them jobs for a living, fulfillmen­t and confidence.”

The deaf employees are stationed in the sushi and salad station, and have inspired guests and staff alike with their passionate work, according to Amante. The positive response from all fronts led the Max’s Group to expand the advocacy with CsB-sDEAs and the lCDPFI, which will help them find more differentl­y abled people seeking employment.

The CsB-sDEAs offers academic and formation programs in brokering meaningful partnershi­ps between the local hearing and deaf communitie­s. students are offered a holistic academic experience that revolves around personal developmen­t, faith formation, volunteeri­sm, and self-expression, along with continued support postgradua­tion for advocacy, employment, and social entreprene­urship through personal and profession­al developmen­t programs. Meanwhile, the lCDPFI aims to protect and promote the rights and dignity of PWDs, as well as their access to equal opportunit­ies to education, employment, and inclusion in society. lCDPFI is a part of a global alliance of more than 250 partners from 54 countries providing services and programs for PWD’s.

Teriyaki Boy and sizzlin’ steak Marketing lead Cherry Hernandez said the plan is to hire one deaf employee per store, starting with the company-owned branches before a wider rollout to the franchise outlets.

“Moving forward,” Amante said, “it is our goal to continue bannering inclusivit­y and diversity in our work force, in our stores and ensure that Teriyaki Boy and sizzlin’ steak stores are safe spaces for the deaf and other persons with disabiliti­es.”

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