TECHNOLOGY and digitaliza­tion will continue to shape hiring and requiremen­t trends across the Philippine­s and Southeast Asia, with hybrid skills, “glocal” talent, potential and transferab­le skills expected to be in stronger demand as more companies embrace digitaliza­tion, according to a major profession­al recruitmen­t consultanc­ies company.

These are the key findings in the Salary Survey 2020 by Robert Walters, a global recruitmen­t specialist group headquarte­red in England and with regional offices in Southeast Asia.

According to the survey, profession­als looking to stay in their current roles can expect salary increments of up to 10 percent while those moving jobs can expect to receive a 20-percent to 40-percent salary increase depending on their seniority level and skill set.

“Profession­als with a commercial mindset who can leverage their industry expertise with available data and new technology platforms to make effective business decisions will be in greater demand,” Andrea dela Casa, senior manager of technology and transforma­tion of Robert Walters, told BUSINESSMI­RROR in a recent interview held in Makati City.

Dela Casa said Robert Walters observed that there was a dramatic shift in the technology sector last year as it recruited more talent for their digital transforma­tion program. “These companies either are in the first or second stage of their transforma­tion campaign,” she said.

She said hiring managers are projected to seek mid-level and senior managers who can lead a team in navigating change and adopting new technologi­es. Experience­d technology profession­als with hybrid skill sets have the competenci­es companies would need. Cyber-security experts will also boost the demand as they will play an essential role in helping companies and organizati­ons address the evolving regulatory requiremen­ts and guidelines across the region brought by the growth of digital banking, fintech and online payment solutions.

Glocal talent, or profession­als with expertise in both local and internatio­nal culture, mindset and market, will also be in greater demand as more companies embrace internatio­nalization.

Furthermor­e, she said companies would also be searching for talents to handle user interface and user experience of customers. Dela Casa pointed out engineers would usually be the prime candidates for the job that will require taking the front end of the applicatio­n.

As far as advanced analytics is concerned, dela Casa said the country right now does not have a sufficient number of people in this field because it has just been introduced in the country. “Analytics is a science that is emerging in the country, and it is a challenge to find the talents here,” she said.

 ??  ?? ANDREA DELA CASA, senior manager of technology and transforma­tion, Robert Walters
ANDREA DELA CASA, senior manager of technology and transforma­tion, Robert Walters

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