Starting the year with smarts, freebies


THERE are very few things that feel as great as a fresh start, especially as a new year has started.

While there are a lot of people who are raring to improve their lifestyles or tick off items on their list of resolution­s, some simply want to share better quality time with their loved ones, especially at home. Upgrading to a big-sized smart TV can enhance the family’s home entertainm­ent experience with the access to more varied content from popular streaming services, like Netflix and YouTube.

Anyone can watch not only their favorite local

TV and cable channels, but also enjoy online content, such as photos, videos, music and even games. Smart TVs also come with screen mirroring features to enable content stored in compatible devices—smartphone­s, tablets and laptops.

With all the perks that can be enjoyed with owning a smart TV, Samsung Philippine­s is also giving everyone the best reasons to upgrade to a bigger-sized screen with higher resolution, with its 2020 Smart Start for the New Year promo.

From now to February 29, the 49-inch smart FHD TV model can be purchased for only P20,999. Other big Samsung UHD TVs are also available with amazing discounts.

Moreover, buyers of participat­ing QLED and super big-sized UHD TV models will also get a free Samsung premium products, such as the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note10+, Side by Side Refrigerat­ors, Samsung Dolby Atmos Soundbar, Galaxy Tab or Galaxy A20 smartphone, delivered right at their doorstep by registerin­g their TV purchase at Redemption period for free items is until April 30.

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