Nestlé PHL, CEMEX to collect and divert plastic waste in Cebu


JUST before the Covid-19 quarantine was imposed in the country, a partnershi­p agreement to divert plastic waste laminates away from landfills in Cebu province by collecting and co-processing them in cement kilns was signed by Nestlé Philippine­s and CEMEX holdings Philippine­s.

The agreement is one of the initiative­s of Nestlé Philippine­s under a long-term plastic waste collection and recovery program.

Nestlé Philippine­s Chairman and CEO Kais Marzouki and CEMEX holdings Philippine­s President and CEO Ignacio Mijares elizondo signed the agreement.

under the partnershi­p, Nestlé Philippine­s, through its program partners and authorized transporta­tion provider, will collect postconsum­er soft plastics, and preprocess and transport these to the APO Cement Corp.’s plant in Tinaan, Naga City in Cebu. APO Cement, a subsidiary of CEMEX holdings Philippine­s, will in turn co-process the post-consumer soft plastics.

The waste plastic laminates will be sourced from different cities and municipali­ties in Cebu.

In April 2018, Nestlé announced its global commitment to make 100 percent of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. Nestlé’s vision is to achieve a waste-free future with none of its packaging, particular­ly plastic, going to landfills, the oceans, or as litter.

“We welcome this new agreement and we thank CEMEX holdings Philippine­s for making it possible for us to further intensify our actions to address plastic waste. We are happy to extend this initiative beyond the National Capital Region to Cebu in our efforts to reach various areas of the country,” said Marzouki.

elizondo said, “We’re very excited to jumpstart our partnershi­p with Nestlé, the largest food and beverage conglomera­te in the world. We recognize and gladly support Nestlé’s commitment to tackling plastic waste."

“CEMEX and Nestlé have a shared vision to make a significan­t difference and contribute to the economic, social and environmen­tal growth of the Philippine­s. A green environmen­t will always be at the center of Cemex’s ‘Build A Nation Together’ CSR efforts. Our advocacies are dedicated to uplift lives, communitie­s, and protect the environmen­t.”

CEMEX is a leading global company in the constructi­on materials industry that manufactur­es and distribute­s cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates in more than 50 countries. CEMEX operations in the Philippine­s started 23 years ago in 1997. Today CEMEX holdings Philippine­s, with its cement manufactur­ing subsidiari­es Solid Cement and APO Cement and its brands APO, Island and Rizal, is one of the top cement producers in the country based on installed annual capacity.

As a method of waste disposal, co-processing is permitted by local environmen­tal laws and regulation­s, and is practiced in various countries. In the Philippine­s, cement kiln coprocessi­ng is preferable to landfillin­g and physical treatment, since energy and minerals from waste are almost completely used up.

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