DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—a lot has changed in people’s lives since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. People are encouraged to stay at home, most activities like buying groceries and reunions are now done online, and businesses are either closing or laying-off employees to sustain the business due to the plunging economy. These changes made an impact on the lives of the people, including overseas Filipinos. Being an innovative company that caters to the everchangi­ng needs of the overseas Filipinos, TFC evolves with them by ensuring their safety but not sacrificin­g the access to their essential needs—from timely and relevant informatio­n and entertainm­ent, to keeping the connection with their fellow overseas Filipinos, up to the aid they need to get through the everyday life of living abroad.

Thus, TFC Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) launches TFCX (TFC Experience), the home of TFC’S digital experience­s for the global Filipinos that brings to them various interactiv­e activities right at the comfort of their homes. These TFCX initiative­s aim to bring a sense of normalcy and aid to the needs of the overseas Filipinos around the globe, especially amid the ongoing battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. Marking the launch of TFCX is TFC Win From Home, a virtual game show where participan­ts get a chance to win various prizes from TFC and its generous sponsors: cable and satellite provider OSN, coffee brand Alicafé, food delivery app Gofood, and cargo company GP Express Cargo.

“TFCX presents an interactiv­e platform where the audience can indulge from their chosen virtual experience, including gaming, engaging their favorite stars up-close, digital concerts, and even win gifts and prizes. There’s no better way to launch TFCX than giving away big prizes for our loyal audience through TFC Win From Home,” said Joseph Arnie Garcia, ABS-CBN Global managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Each valid entry may win minor prizes from each sponsor, or be among the three winners of P50,000 in each monthly draw. Those who will not win during the monthly draws get a chance to be among the winners of P100,000 or the lone winner of the P250,000 grand prize in the grand draw. Viewers may submit as many entries as they can on or before December 14. More informatio­n is available at www.mytfc. com/tfcwfh or­home.

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