RSA surprises BMW7 guests; Corolla Cross comes

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RAMON S. ANG, the nonstop deliverer of ideas that he turns into amazing realities mostly benefiting the Filipino people, made a surprise appearance in this week’s Zoom presser launching Spencer Yu’s new BMW7 series. And in his usual out-of-the-box but much-admired demeanor, RSA was down-to-earth in baring his multiple new road network.

This time, he wants to build an artery connecting key areas of the metropolis from east to west and vice versa, using the Manila Bay circuit cruising through the Pasig River, and then going all the way down South via Slex.

“We have always been talking about the North and South road network,” he said. “It’s about time that the East and West of Metro Manila be connected, too. We, at San Miguel Corp., are now ready to do it.”

Called the Pasig River Expressway (PAREX), the 19.40-km artery will complement the expanded 420-km Slex to Bicol’s Matnog in Sorsogon via Quezon province, with the Toll Road 5 propping up the ambitious project. With a whopping budget of P121.8 billion, RSA said the investment will benefit thousands of workers, contractor­s, materials suppliers, haulers and our local and national government­s.

He said the Department­s of Transporta­tion, Finance and Public Works and Highways and Neda and Toll Regulatory Board have approved the projects in principle. The roadwork’s socioecono­mic prospects are satellite engines in the overall recovery once the pandemic is over.

“As we keep saying,” said RSA, “San Miguel is committed to help our country overcome this crisis. Let us continue, and not hold back, on new investment­s. These projects will deliver hundreds of thousands of jobs and put money in the hands of Filipinos—sustaining and boosting our economic recovery.”

Already, RSA, the president/ CEO of SMC, is seeing the fruits of his recently completed TPLEX, that expressway connecting the Nlex to Ilocandia ending in Rosario, La Union—immensely easing delivery of goods and services in the Ilocos region.

“Slex TR5 will take four years to complete, and PAREX three years,” RSA said. “By that time, the pandemic would have been far behind us.”

He also spoke with pride about his Bulacan airport project.

“Our Bulacan Airport would also be completed in no time,” he said. “Within five years, the Philippine­s will be transforme­d, and be better than ever.”

Apart from jobs, Ang said his P734-billion airport dream will significan­tly boost local economies, where small and medium local industries can prosper “tremendous­ly.”

If only his fellow billionair­es would also have the same mindset of helping the government’s drive for a robust thrust of long-term economic developmen­t, national progress will quickly stop being a mere utopia.

Iconic Corolla Cross

ANENT my fixation for speeches, here’s Atsuhiro Okamoto again: “Good day, dear friends!

“I am Atsuhiro Okamoto, president of Toyota Motor Philippine­s [TMP], and this is the Philippine launch of the All-new Corolla Cross.

“I hope you are all doing well! We at TMP are happy to welcome you to today’s virtual launch.

“The events in the past months have taught us to change how we do certain things.

But one thing remains the same: Toyota believes that better, sustainabl­e mobility can further drive progress and improve quality of life.

“And so we made this the inspiratio­n for today’s occasion.

“Today, we are making history by introducin­g TMP’S first ever Hybrid crossover.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you the new car for our ever-changing world, the Allnew Corolla Cross.

“Guided by our philosophy of making ever-better cars, Toyota took the best of a trusted model ‘The Toyota Corolla’ and turned it into a sleek and modern crossover.

“And with its Hybrid variant, the Corolla Cross takes us closer to our vision of sustainabl­e mobility and a greener Earth for future generation­s, while delivering our signature quality, durability, and reliabilit­y.

“The Corolla Cross is designed to move you in comfort and style, whether you’re seeking adventure, doing business, or simply spending time with people you love.

“It provides driving pleasure and efficiency, thanks to the Toyota New Global Architectu­re, while giving you and your family peace of mind with the advanced Toyota Safety Sense features.

“Media friends, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot wait for you to see and experience what the All-new Corolla Cross can do.

“For now, get ready to cross into the new age for the world’s bestsellin­g car model.

“Maraming salamat po.” Launched in Japan in 1966, the Corolla has sold more than 48 million units in more than 150 countries.

I am proud to say I have bought two Corollas since 1990, the last one my indispensa­ble Altis in 2001 (mileage: 13,419).

“Owning a hybrid vehicle is made easier and more affordable through the Balloon Payment Plus,” said TMP First Vice President Sherwin Chua Lim “Customers are guaranteed a hassle-free buying experience, and even when reselling it later.”

The 1.8 V HV is pegged at P1,665 and the 1.8 G CVT from P1,285 to P1,300 and already at Toyota’s 72 dealership­s nationwide since August 26.

Nadinne B. Capistrano said more informatio­n about the hybrid electric vehicle technology can be found at

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