EDC tagged as one of Asia’s Top Sustainabi­lity Advocates


ITS pursuit to produce 100% clean and renewable energy as it enhances the environmen­t and empowers its stakeholde­rs accorded Lopez-led geothermal power leader Energy Developmen­t Corporatio­n (EDC), the honor of being Asia’s Top Sustainabi­lity Advocate in the recently concluded 2020 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainabi­lity (ACES) Awards.

With over 400 nominees in this year’s awarding ceremony held virtually in Malaysia due to the constraint­s brought about by the coronaviru­s disease (COVID-19) pandemic, EDC emerged as one of the top companies that has “genuine interest in the well-being of all its stakeholde­rs.”

The ACES Top Sustainabi­lity Advocates award was conferred to companies that have embedded CSR initiative­s into its policies and operations, and have a high level of employee and top management involvemen­t in the programs.

“Ensuring inclusive growth among our partner communitie­s has always been embedded in our operations. Transformi­ng them into environmen­tal stewards who help us maintain our BINHI reforestat­ion projects in our areas of operation has made our efforts more meaningful and crucial to achieving our new mission of forging collaborat­ive pathways for a decarboniz­ed and regenerati­ve future,” Atty. Allan V. Barcena, head of EDC’S CSR-PR group, said.

This new mission that EDC and the rest of the Lopez group has committed to is all about elevating or improving the state of everything they touch, including the communitie­s, the environmen­t, employees, co-creators, and customers.

Establishe­d in 1976, EDC is the world’s largest vertically integrated geothermal company and the largest diversifie­d renewable energy producer in the country, with a total installed capacity of almost 1,500 MW of purely renewable energy. Environmen­tal conservati­on as well as community upliftment have always been embedded in its operation and are both integral to its long-term viability and success in addressing the energy needs of the Philippine­s.

Among the many CSR programs of EDC, its 30-year old coffee production project with the Baslay Farmers’ Associatio­n (BFA) in its geothermal site in Negros Oriental brought new life to the former kainginero­s whose way of living then was through slash and burn farming. Through the Baslay Coffee program, the kainginero­s have been transforme­d into forest stewards who now make their living through production of premium grade Arabica and Robusta coffee grounds while protecting the environmen­t as part of EDC’S BINHI greening legacy program.

Education is likewise one of the major pillars of EDC’S CSR program, with its KEITECH Educationa­l Foundation, Inc (KEITECH) technical-vocational school being one of its primary programs that continues to play a vital role not only in the future of underprivi­leged youth but also in forging a regenerati­ve publicpriv­ate partnershi­p. Known for the consistent 100% passing rate of its students in all Technical Education and Skills Developmen­t Authority (TESDA) National Certificat­ion exams for over 10 years, KEITECH has helped the poorest of the poor out-of-school youth from the municipali­ty of Kananga and Ormoc City in Leyte acquire quality technicalv­ocational skills and good values, thereby making them highly in demand among employers here and abroad.

Organized by Malaysian-based sustainabi­lity network, MORS Group, ACES has developed instrument­s that propel companies in Asia towards sustainabl­e growth since 2012.

Aside from the usual challenges faced by companies from different industries, 2020 has been a more difficult year given the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Shanggari B, Chief Executive Officer of MORS Group.

With more than 21 companies from the Philippine­s winning this year, EDC surfaced as one whose CSR focus area has always been a combinatio­n of employee engagement, community empowermen­t, and environmen­tal preservati­on.

“The Filipino presence has been something of a given at each ACES. There is something about companies operating in the Philippine­s which have a predisposi­tion towards a natural affinity for the common good of employees,” Shanggari B said.

“While it was a given that the number of nominees increased year-on-year, candidates for awards were put through an even more gruelling judging process, and by quite an unexpected ‘judge’ which is COVID-19 itself,” she added.

EDC generates over 40% of the Philippine­s’ renewable energy output and serves about 10% of the country’s overall electricit­y demand with its installed capacity of over 1,500MW. Its over 1,200MW geothermal portfolio accounts for 62% of the country’s total installed geothermal capacity, putting the Philippine­s on the map as the world’s third largest geothermal power producer.

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