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Sarah Barrios joins forces with syd hartha in hot new single

- By Stephanie Joy Ching

RISING American artist Sarah Barrios recently teamed up with Filipina singersong­writer syd hartha for the new dream-like electropop single, “All My Sins.”

With the pandemic giving people more time to themselves, many people have started to reflect on their actions, assess their mistakes in particular and ultimately bare their feelings. The free time has allowed many to face not only their fears but also their confusing thoughts. It can be easy to get lost in negative thoughts and get confused, but for Sarah and by associatio­n, syd, that feeling is perfectly valid, as both ladies were able to articulate in her new song.

The surprise collaborat­ion marks many firsts for both artists.

“I knew that I wanted to do a collaborat­ion with another female and I knew that I had a small following in the Philippine­s,” shared Sarah. “I knew that they were really active and engaged on social media platforms. So it kinda just felt right to partner up with someone from the Philippine­s,”

Prior to this project, Sarah’s only connection to the Philippine­s was her cover of a Ben&ben song on Youtube, which led her discover more Filipino artists until she found a music video by syd hartha.

“It was really cool, like the photo of it looked really cool, so I said; ‘this looks interestin­g’ and I clicked on it then I was like: ‘this is perfect’,” she said.

And it was perfect, as both syd and Sarah found that they have a deep connection with each other despite being coming from two very different cultures.

“We have a lot of things in common,” shared syd. “When we write songs, we’re both very emotional and very vulnerable, and that’s why I thought we were going to get along if we worked together,”

For syd, “All My Sins.” marks a big milestone in her career, as it is also her first collaborat­ion with another artist.

“To have an internatio­nal collaborat­ion was really crazy for me, especially since it’s my first collab,” she expressed. “I was super honored to do this with someone like Sarah, and i’m very grateful for the opportunit­y,”

According to Sarah, “All My Sins” was brought about during a hangout with friends when they were all discussing their feelings.

“It was mainly thinking back about all the mistakes that you’ve made as a human being,” said Sarah, “No one’s perfect, but it can be very easy to blame yourself for those mistakes so you hold on to those feelings. You end up asking yourself; ‘am I a bad person, or am I just a human being who makes mistakes?’ I think that it’s important to remember it’s not the mistakes that make you, it’s what you do about them. And we wanted to capture that feeling of being confused and not really knowing how to answer the question,”

“I’m sure it’s relatable to a lot of people. And when I look into it, in this quarantine where I keep reflecting, I could relate to it so much for a lot of reasons,” said syd.

Released by Sony Music Philippine­s, “All My Sins” is now available on major streaming platforms.

RELEASED one track per day between February 14 and 19 this year, Gloc-9’s latest release titled “Poot at Pag-ibig (translatio­n: Hatred and Love) is a Valentine’s anthology to the many facets of love.

Now, a full-fledged independen­t artist, Gloc-9 aka Aristotle Pollisco. has been releasing singles via his various digital platforms such as Youtube and Spotify. The love month has inspired the prodigious poet rapper to look at the bright and the dark sides of being in love and in the process, may have gotten the bite of what it means to be indie. Like, let the imaginatio­n roam free, unfettered by the tastemaker­s of a mainstream record label.

“Alitaptap” is a tale of ‘till death do us part’ pact slowly being dashed to pieces by an uncaring, indifferen­t significan­t other. The break point: “Kapag ako’y lumalapit, lagi kang lumalayo/ako na lang ba? Kaya ko pa ba?”

“Di Marunong” tells naysayers that faith in one’s self is a vital key to unlock success. Sock it to ‘em gently: “Buti na lang di ako marunong sumuko/buti na lang hindi nakinig sa mga tutol/ Naniwalang magbubunga ang mga kanta!”

“Payong” suggests the resilient ones outlast loser assholes. Lesson no. 1: “Unahin ang angas walang makukuhang mabuti/ Dapat mo gawin nang tama kung gusto mong pumapel!”

“Oka:” makes a subtle play on self-love in a time of need

and sorrow and it’s a kind of selfishnes­s at the crossroads of delusional and psychotic. Crux of the matter: “Akala mo ba may kausap ka?/wala, sira!”

“Sana” is a story of longing for a long-lost partner showcasing the second collaborat­ion between father Gloc-9 and daughter Shaun aka Elle Shaun. Loaded lines: “Ito na kaya ang araw na ako’y makakalaya sa mga suliranin?”

“B.P. B” acronym for “Bulag, Pipi, Bingi” has nothing to do with Ka Freddie’s Metropop big winner. Instead, the track argues you have to be blind to see the world with fresh eyes, lose your hearing to be free from all the noise, etc. For example, ”“Gusto kong mabulag/makakitang muli sa mata ng bata/tinging puna ng saya!”

The poet in Gloc-9 is all over the album and the music keeps pace. There’s pop, there’s ballad, there’s fast talking rap and rock, of course, featuring the amplified guitar of a dude named Perf de Castro.

Collaborat­ors include Gloc-9’s twins, Shaun and Danie, Arvy T, Loir and Yeg of Sandiwa.

All songs were composed by Aristotle Pollisco, arranged by Rassel “Goodson” Tiquia, and mixed and mastered by John Edmel “Gcode” Tabuniar.

FEBRUARY 28, 2021

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