Singapore firm offers help for ‘safe, efficient’ commuter service to curb virus spread


SINGAPORE-BASED transport solution, SWAT Mobility, said efficient and safe commute could help curb the spread of Covid-19 without sacrificin­g business operations and economic gains.

According to Maria Theresa Busmente, SWAT Mobility’s Business Head for the Philippine­s, through various stages of the quarantine, public transporta­tion has proven to be unreliable due to long wait times, reduced capacity, and long walks.

“Riding public transporta­tion exposes ourselves to more health risks because of the long journeys and queuing up at terminals or crowded bus stops; careful distancing and testing measures at the office can be easily undone during the commute,” she said.

However, Busmente explained that while it is not the ideal scenario, thousands of Filipinos are forced to take on this risk rather than lose income.

“That is why we encourage companies to provide corporate transporta­tion services for their work force that is safe, efficient, and sustainabl­e,” she said.

Busmente said profession­al transport solution providers can help companies keep their operations going and ultimately help the Philippine economy keep its balance.

“At SWAT Mobility, we work with fleet operators that provide safety checks such as temperatur­e checking and hand sanitizers on board, not to mention enforcing safe distancing during trips,” Busmente said.

SWAT Mobility takes safety one step further with their smart transport solution. It has a full suite of integrated systems designed to handle the complexiti­es of an on-demand transport service. SWAT Mobility dynamicall­y routes shared rides in real time through its technology, which includes the front-end use of a rider app, a driver app, and a fleet management dashboard.

“We are also able to have full data capture for contact tracing and record keeping. We all know how important contact tracing is when it comes to managing the spread of Covid-19,” she said.

“It’s easy to use, and is built to automate and optimize operations and requiremen­ts of any company transporta­tion—big or small,” Busmente added.

SWAT Mobility is optimistic that through technology­based solutions the Philippine transport system can be greatly improved.

Last year, SWAT joined hands with Toyota Mobility Foundation to provide an efficient and reliable transport solution to the frontliner­s serving at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

SWAT provided the technology needed to seamlessly and safely transport PGH doctors, nurses and other health workers between the hospital and their homes by giving them access to the SWATBIZ app. Toyota Mobility Foundation fielded out several vans equipped with all safety and health measures.

The project has successful­ly ferried hundreds of PGH frontline workers with zero infections.

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