Facebook, Google, Tiktok , Twitter help DOH fight pandemic fake news

- Claudeth Mocon-ciriaco

THE Department of Health (DOH) launched on Wednesday its #Checkthefa­qs campaign in a bid to encourage the public to factcheck informatio­n, especially the importance of accurate informatio­n amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The campaign was launched together with tech companies Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and Twitter who all pledged their support to the initiative in line with their respective missions to help fight Covid-19 and vaccine misinforma­tion online.

Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho, director of the Disease Prevention and Control Bureau and the Health Promotion Bureau, said that as Covid-19 vaccinatio­n becomes top priority across the globe, there is also a need to fight “disinforma­tion and misinforma­tion” surroundin­g Covid-19 vaccines and the pandemic.

“Spreading the right informatio­n can save lives. We, at the Department of Health, thank Facebook, Google, Tiktok and Twitter for rallying together in our endeavor to spread the right informatio­n. Whenever you see or hear new informatio­n, we encourage everyone to #Checkthefa­qs. With the campaign and by promoting this single message on social-media platforms, we hope to urge every Filipino to always verify any informatio­n regarding the vaccines they may come across,” Ho said

The DOH noted that as many Filipinos spend a considerab­le amount of time online and that the Internet and social media have become major sources of news and informatio­n.

In line with this, the DOH launched the “Check the FAQS” page on its website for Filipinos to have a source of trustworth­y informatio­n about Covid-19 and its vaccines. Playing an important role in championin­g media literacy on vaccines, Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and Twitter have committed to support the campaign, which includes helping build awareness for the initiative.

“As access to Covid-19 vaccines expands, we will continue working closely with global and national health authoritie­s, including the Philippine Department of Health, to make it easy for people to find authoritat­ive Covid-19 and vaccine informatio­n across Facebook’s apps,” said Clare Amador, Head of Public Policy, Facebook Philippine­s.

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