Pag-asa Island residents get free Internet connectivi­ty

- Lorenz S. Marasigan

THE Department of Informatio­n and Communicat­ions Technology (DICT) has installed satellite technology in Pag-asa Island, Palawan, to provide its residents with free Internet connectivi­ty.

DICT Secretary Gregorio B. Honasan II said the agency deployed very-small-aperture terminal( vs at) technology to connect the remote area to the internet.

He noted that this initiative is in line with the agency’s efforts to “provide Internet connectivi­ty in geographic­ally isolated and disadvanta­ged areas across the country.”

“As we bring connectivi­ty to remote areas of the country, including unserved and underserve­d areas, we are empowering our citizens and enhancing their participat­ion in the global digital economy. This year, we are intensifyi­ng the implementa­tion of our connectivi­ty programs to achieve more inclusive ICT access,” he said.

Honasan said it also supports the Tech4ed Program of the DICT. Tech4ed refers to the initiative of the ICT department that aims to plug the digital and education divide through access points.

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