Grab, Shell offer support to Cebu drivers

- By Lorenz S. Marasigan @lorenzmara­sigan

Super app Grab and pilipinas Shell have partnered to ensure the availabili­ty of mobility and on-demand delivery services in Cebu, which is gradually reopening its economy.

Through their partnershi­p, Grab and Shell will provide support to Grab delivery and driver partners such as discounts on fuel and food, and the deployment of a dedicated Grab lane for delivery partners.

Likewise, the partners will also support the medical and insurance needs of Grab drivers and riders that maintain a monthly average re-fuel of 200 liters and 50 liters, respective­ly, over the last six months.

Grab partners may also apply for Shell-subsidized scholarshi­ps for their children. Grace Vera Cruz, the country head of Grab philippine­s, said this program will help support Cebu’s longer-term socioecono­mic recovery through safe and reliable mobility and delivery services.

“We are committed to supporting the needs of our driver- and delivery-partner communitie­s in Cebu as they play an essential role in helping local businesses better reach and serve their consumers, and providing safe transport services to many Cebuanos who need to be in their workplaces to perform essential economic activities,” she said.

She added that by working with pilipinas Shell on a range of initiative­s, Grab is able to continue helping its driver- and delivery-partners with their everyday needs.

“We hope that they will continue to be on the road to serve the needs of our kababayans in Cebu, and contribute to the city’s broader socioecono­mic recovery,” Cruz said.

pilipinas Shell Vp for retail randy del Valle said this initiative will help open up revenue streams for enterprise­s that are just “getting back on their feet.”

“We recognize the important part that their Grab driver and delivery-partners play in restarting businesses and bringing essential goods and services to the public in a safe and reliable manner. pilipinas Shell is committed to this partnershi­p which will help mobilize this city’s progress and economic recovery for years to come,” he said.

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