Israel inoculates PHL caregivers, students, diplomats–all for free


ALREADY a world leader in vaccinatio­ns against the coronaviru­s disease 2019 (Covid-19), the State of Israel has already inoculated 5.2 million out of its citizenry of 9.3 million—more than a half of its population—with at least one dose.

In all, Israel’s embassy in the Philippine­s has reported that about 4.2 million individual­s have received both shots of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in the holy Land.

As part of its successful vaccinatio­n campaign, Israel’s Ministry of health has vaccinated for free anyone who is in the said country—regardless of citizenshi­p, status, or whether the individual has insurance or without.

Approximat­ely 30,000 Filipino caregivers, 400 students of agricultur­e, and the staff of the Philippine Embassy in Israel have received the free Pfizer vaccine. Filipinos with expired working permits were also given vaccine shots.

“Israel is thankful [to] Filipino caregivers for helping elderly and disabled Israeli citizens during the Covid-19 outbreak. For many years, the Israeli government has been providing [them]...full access to the advanced medical services of our country,” Ambassador of Israeli to the Philippine­s Rafael harpaz confirmed. “[This is another way to thank them and ensure] their health and safety. Israel always took good care of them—especially during this pandemic.”

The envoy cited the historic visit of President Duterte to Israel in 2018, when the government of Israel signed an agreement with its Philippine counterpar­t to regulate working conditions of Filipinos in holy Land.

A year after the outbreak of the pandemic, Israel has granted significan­t assistance to the Philippine­s to help its fight against Covid-19. The state’s government provided several donations which consisted of personal protective equipment to the Department of National Defense and the Philippine National Police their frontliner­s use. It also handed out learning equipment to the Department of Education to aid the government agency’s rollout of distance learning.

Israel also continues to share its experience­s and knowledge in emergency and pandemic responses with the Philippine­s via webinars, courses and joint meetings.

 ?? AGROSTUDIE­S/ISRAEL IN THE PHILIPPINE­S ?? FILIPINO students in Israel receive their free Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine
AGROSTUDIE­S/ISRAEL IN THE PHILIPPINE­S FILIPINO students in Israel receive their free Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

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