PHL, Egypt talk trade cooperatio­n in fish processing, green energy, etc


CAiro—ambassador Sulpicio M. Confiado recently visited the Egyptian governorat­es of Damietta and Ismailia to establish the Philippine­s’s footprint in the said territorie­s and identify areas for collaborat­ion with their officials and private-sector representa­tives.

The visit to Damietta concluded with a tour of its Furniture City as arranged by the office of its governor Dr. Manal Awad, as the latter conveyed interest in possible collaborat­ions with the Philippine­s and the governorat­e in two areas: fish processing such as drying, smoking and salting, as well as canning and freezing; plus the use of bamboo and rattan in furniture design and production.

The Damietta Chamber of Commerce and Damietta Port Authority also expressed interest in cooperativ­e programs to help upgrade the governorat­e’s fishing and furniture sectors through exchange of technology, expertise and best practices, as well as cooperatio­n in ports/ logistics developmen­t and management with its Philippine counterpar­ts from both public and private sectors.

Confiado’s visit in Ismailia included a call on Major General Sherif Fahmy Saad Beshara, who is the governor of Ismailia, a visit to a mango farm, Atos Generators, and 2M Electric Group—two energy-related companies in the latter governorat­e’s industrial zone.

A key area discussed during the visits is the increase in trade export of Philippine mangoes to Egypt during the winter season—especially between December and March, as well as the importatio­n of oranges to the Philippine­s. Farm owners expressed interest in establishi­ng links with mango-producing areas in the Philippine­s, as well as with the National Mango Research and Developmen­t Center.

Likewise, Atos and 2M—manufactur­ers of environmen­t-friendly generators and producers of electrical supplies, low voltage panels and fuses, respective­ly— expressed interest in attracting investment­s and joint-venture projects with prospectiv­e Philippine companies.

 ?? CAIRO PE ?? AMBASSADOR Sulpicio M. Confiado (right) with Rear Admiral Walid Mostafa Awad
CAIRO PE AMBASSADOR Sulpicio M. Confiado (right) with Rear Admiral Walid Mostafa Awad

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