Mushroom variety boosts immunity, reduces chemo side effects


Over the years, the mushroom is a staple ingredient not only in food but also for treatment purposes due to its medicinal benefits, especially in traditiona­l Chinese medicine (TCM).

One such mushroom that has shown to have medicinal properties is the Yun-zhi (Coriolus versicolor), commonly known as “Turkey Tail” or “Cloud Mushroom.” Its anti-cancer properties attracted attention even if many plant extracts and herbs also claimed effectiven­ess in curing cancer.

It contains compounds such as Polysaccha­ride Krestin (PSK) and Polysaccha­ropeptide (PSP) that are believed to improve immune qualities, destroy some cancer cells and when used together with chemothera­py, even reducing its side effects.

It is also said to be rich in active compounds like sterols, triterpene­s, and alkaloids, and is widely recommende­d in TCM for alleviatin­g physical distress like fatigue, lack of appetite and even respirator­y conditions like coughing and shortness of breath, and even preventing infections.

The power of the Yun-zhi is now available in many health supplement­s to improve bodily functions like improving blood flow, protection of the liver, digestive tract, overcome fatigue and even promote anti-aging and other phenomenal invigorati­ng and rejuvenati­ng properties.

Neucell’s essence of Mushroom, a single plant extract formulatio­n of 250 mg of Yun-zhi mushroom and distribute­d by Dyna Drug Corp. in the Philippine­s, was able to harness these properties to become a natural food supplement to support a person’s health, coupled with balanced diet and healthy exercise.

Clinical trials have shown that Neucell has the ability to stabilize the body’s white blood cell count, making it perfect in boosting the immune system, a great need among people today, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. It can also help reduce known side effects of chemo and radiothera­pies like fatigue, poor appetite, pain, nausea, vomiting, and sweating.

With regard to the body’s respirator­y system, the Yun-zhi mushroom of Neucell’s essence of Mushroom can help improve the lungs’ functions. According to TCM records, Yun-zhi mushroom was effective against lung diseases and the promotion of a healthy upper respirator­y system. It was also found to be effective in promoting overall health of the liver by improving and strengthen­ing its functions.

finally, in a clinical study published by the Internatio­nal Journal of Medical Sciences, Yun-zhi mushroom was known to reduce fatigue and improve athletic performanc­e, where the effects of the Yun-zhi mushroom are known to provide invigorati­on, increase vital body energy, even promoting and stimulatin­g longevity.

Neucell’s essence of Mushroom can also be taken by people with existing medical conditions and undergoing chemothera­py. Recommende­d dosage for taking Neucell as a food supplement if two to four capsules daily, while for those who are on chemothera­py, recommende­d dosage is four to five capsules after meals.

In the Philippine­s, Neucell’s essence of Mushroom is approved by the food and Drug Administra­tion and is available through Dyna Drug Corp.

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