Senator Gordon tests positive for Covid-19


PHILIPPINE Red Cross (PRC) Chairman and CEO Senator Richard J. Gordon has tested positive for Covid-19. Gordon, who has been fully vaccinated against the virus, said that he received the news from the PRC molecular laboratory that his RTPCR showed Covid positive result.

“I am feeling slightly under the weather but am exhibiting no other symptoms as of now and my doctor has advised me to rest and isolate at home. I will continue to observe my symptoms and report any significan­t changes to my doctor,” Gordon said in a news statement released on Thursday.

Gordon said that he made the announceme­nt in order to speed up the contact tracing process and call on anyone who may have had contact with him to isolate immediatel­y and get tested by RT-PCR five to seven days after said contact.

“I have been fully vaccinated and am grateful for the protection the vaccine affords me today. While infections in vaccinated people are relatively uncommon, they can and do happen. What vaccines offer has been documented in countries with high rate of vaccinatio­n ... protection against serious illness, hospitaliz­ation, and death.”

He stressed that vaccines work and “they save lives.”

“I urge every Filipino to get vaccinated against Covid-19 if a vaccine is made available to you by your local government units, your employer, the Red Cross, or any other organizati­on that has access to vaccines. I call on the government, private sector, and humanitari­an and civic organizati­ons to work together to bring more vaccines into the country so that we can get as many people as possible vaccinated,” he added.

Gordon pointed out, “We are at war with an invisible enemy.”

“Protecting our loved ones and ourselves is our best chance to win this battle. For as long as large numbers of people remain unvaccinat­ed, the virus will creep into our homes and communitie­s and destroy lives and livelihood,” he stressed.

Gordon also reminded everyone that the most effective protective measures remain the same and must be practiced at all times—wear am ask, observe physical distancing, and wash/ disinfect your hands regularly.

“These protocols should remain in place even for vaccinated people for as long as the majority of the population has not been vaccinated,” he said.

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