FFCCCII backs govt vax incentives, ramps up inoculatio­n activities

- EDWIN TUYAY Recto L. Mercene

THE Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry Inc. (FFCCCII) has expressed its support to the proposal of a presidenti­al adviser to consider giving incentives to businesses and persons who have already been vaccinated.

This, as Presidenti­al Adviser for Entreprene­urship Jose Ma. “Joey” Concepcion III, likewise asked the current administra­tion to impose restrictio­ns for individual­s who have yet to be vaccinated against the coronaviru­s disease 2019.

Said proposals, according to FFCCCII, aim to counter the spread of the contagious Delta variant of the virus. They quoted Concepcion in saying the government considers applying “bold moves,” such as restrictin­g the entrance of unvaccinat­ed Filipinos in certain establishm­ents, or moving around the country.

Other recommenda­tions of Concepcion, which FFCCCII also support, include granting incentives to businesses that target full vaccinatio­n of their employees.

“Fully vaccinated individual­s can also be given incentives, such as more mobility, ease of travel, and [exemption] from mandatory tests,” stated Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong, FFCCCII’S president.

The organizati­on also recently undertook the Philippine­s’s first private-sector importatio­n and roll-out of vaccines, with half-amillion Sinovac doses. Its nationwide jabbing project is now ongoing for economic frontliner­s comprising entreprene­urs, employees and workers. Target completion is at the end of August.

“At zero cost to the government, this civic project to vaccinate economic frontliner­s [seeks to help lessen the burden of government, which is our aid] to the national goal of inoculatin­g 70 million Filipinos, or 100 percent of the country’s adult population by the end of the year,” the federation’s executive said. “Let us support the mass vaccinatio­n program for faster public health, consumer confidence and economic recovery of the Philippine­s this year.”

 ??  ?? FEDERATION president Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong
FEDERATION president Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong

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