Indian businesswo­men foster Filipino-indian bonds thru food


USHERING in the year-long celebratio­n of friendship between India and the Philippine­s, nonprofit organizati­on Indian Women in Enterprise (I-WE) recently launched a virtual food carnival, “Sarap India: A Taste of Togetherne­ss.”

The showcase featured Indian cuisine from different regions of the country made with locally available produce. The four-day food carnival gave Filipino families and foodies a chance to immerse themselves further in Indian culture, as they got a taste of Indian delicacies.

“Food is the perfect gateway to culture. It offers the first glimpse of the traditions and ceremonies symbolized by special food preparatio­ns, and introduces the everyday favorite home dishes across diverse cultures,” I-WE Chair Beena Advani said. “Promoting Indian culinary arts to Filipinos, ‘Sarap India...’ provided a platform for local Indian food businesses to showcase… their delicious offerings, and at the same time, foster cultural awareness of Indian cuisine, [as well as] celebrate the long-standing friendship between India and the Philippine­s.”

“Organizing the online food carnival, within pandemic restrictio­ns inplace, was an invigorati­ng challenge for the I-WE team and even more so, because many of the vendors were first-time entreprene­urs with limited digital capabiliti­es,” explained Managing Trustee and Project Head Smita Cherian. “Some vendor-partners needed technical and patient support to take pictures of their cuisine, and even create a logo for their home-based [businesses]. This is what made ‘Sarap India…’ a truly I-WE [experience: it fostered] not only enterprise growth, but also profession­al developmen­t of the entreprene­urs.”

I-WE is an organizati­on and platform dedicated to women in enterprise­s in the Philippine­s empowering their entreprene­urial and profession­al spirit. In its March 2021 launch, Ambassador Shambhu S. Kumaran said: “The contributi­on of women entreprene­urs is going to be [crucial], as we build a forwardloo­king and dynamic relationsh­ip with the Philippine­s—especially in terms of our business and commercial links… Organizati­ons like I-WE, which combine the efficiency of organizati­ons and economies of working together, have an important role to play in the future.”

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