New ‘J-ollympics’ kiddie Meal toys let kids play fun sports


AS the olympic Games unfolds in tokyo, Japan, Jollibee brings the joy of fun sports to kids as it launches its newest Jolly Kiddie Meal set of collectibl­e toys—the J-ollympics.

the set consists of seven sports-themed toys starring Jollibee, and this time Champ also joins in the fun. this new Jolly Kiddie Meal toy collection inspires kids to have fun at home as they see Jollibee and Champ engaged in various athletic activities.

Kids can help Jollibee speed up his Rowing boat as they move him forward and watch his oar in action. they can also enjoy a game of basketball, as they press the button on Jollibee’s back and have him dribble the ball. Kids can get Jollibee to do some smashes as they press the button on his back and watch his badminton racket swing in full force.

Jollibee plays golf, too—just pan the lever on his back to make him do some putting action. they can also help him score some goals as they push the button on his back to kick a soccer ball. Jolly kids can also try out some cycling action by moving Jollibee back and forth.

Last, as Champ makes a special comeback in this Jolly Kiddie Meal collection, kids can help him practice his boxing skills as they move the lever on his back to make him throw some punches left and right.

the Jolly Kiddie Meal J-ollympics collection will be available until october 31. Each toy comes with its own Jolly Joy box.

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