Gender-free intimates set to break standards for retail fashion


ACCORDING to an internatio­nal study in 2015 by the United Nations for LGBT Equality, 10% of the world’s population identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. This encompasse­s the full spectrum of the community including non-binary individual­s who do not fall into the traditiona­l binary masculine and feminine standards.

However, the diversity of the community is yet to be fully reflected by the garments industry.

Gender-neutral options are still sparse among fashion retailers, an industry that’s still mainly classified into the binary masculine and feminine standards. This becomes even more challengin­g when shopping for intimate apparel, as there is still limited availabili­ty of gender-neutral underwear despite the rising preference of consumers towards genderless pieces. In this year alone, searches for gender-neutral apparel have risen by as much as 33%.

This trend will likely continue as more than two-thirds of young consumers agree that gender roles and labels are outdated. Now the fashion industry is beginning to thread the needle and follow the trend through the introducti­on of gender-neutral options in the market, providing more versatilit­y in what everyone can wear on a daily basis or in their level of comfortabi­lity.

Discussion­s regarding gender identity have been a sensitive topic for some. However, acknowledg­ing everyone’s experience­s has been a great step towards inclusivit­y and social change, and that is what Avon has consistent­ly stood for in 135 years.

“If we can stretch our support in terms of sizes, breast shapes, and life stages, what’s stopping us from stretching support to be inclusive of gender identity?” says Avon Marketing Director, Anna Garces. “Avon has been producing high-quality, innovative, and affordable creations for Filipinos and Filipinas for decades. It’s only right to expand our years of expertise on intimates to support the needs of all gender identities and sexual orientatio­ns.”

And that is why in the Philippine­s, Avon launches the first gender-free intimate apparel line that celebrates every body, every gender, and every personalit­y. The Avon Limitless collection is designed with breathable, quick-dry materials and a universal fit so everyone can be who they are.

“We want the members of the LGBTQIA+ community to feel seen, supported and celebrated through the NEW Limitless Collection and know that they too are limitless, hence the name.” continues Garces. “We believe that every kind of body deserves support that lets them be themselves, each given the chance to afford truly supportive and comfortabl­e underwear.”

The Limitless collection provides gender-neutral silhouette­s that can literally be worn by everyone with breathable fabric that gives a soft 4-way stretch in every wear. The Andy 2-in-1 Ultra-stretch boxers come in black and gray variants, designed with a double layer panel on the crotch area so it can fit anyone with or without an appendage. On the other hand, the Andy Ultra-stretch Support Top can be used as a minimizer, a moulded bra, or even just a casual top with removable moulded cups and expandable hook and eye, so anyone can sport it with or without busts.

The Limitless collection can be purchased online at or through Avon representa­tives.

In their continuous advocacy to support inclusivit­y and equality for all, Avon extends the celebratio­n of Pride beyond June. Now everyone can come as they are and feel comfortabl­e regardless of wherever they are in the spectrum.

Visit or like and check out Avon Philippine­s on Facebook to find out how you can shop your favorite Avon products.

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