Survey: CNN Philippine­s most trusted media outlet


WITH a 60-percent high trust, CNN Philippine­s is the country’s most trusted media outlet, according to the results of PUBLICUS Asia’s second quarter poll.

“With the fierce battle for viewership, most traditiona­l news outlets have diversifie­d their businesses to include online channel—from just mirroring their main channel, to now a stand alone business. the first to adapt always gets an advantage, but credibilit­y is built with consistenc­y, fair and balanced news,” it said in a statement.

PUBLICUS said GMA7 and the Philippine Daily Inquirer round-up the top 3 spots as the most trusted media outlets.

The survey was conducted from July 13 to 19. It is a nationwide purposive sampling survey comprised of 1,500 respondent­s drawn from a research panel of approximat­ely 100,000 Filipino registered voters maintained by a Singapore-based firm.

The survey is an independen­t, noncommiss­ioned, national poll covering eight modules measured: state of the economy and economic prospects, Covid-19 vaccine tracker, national issues, scorecard for national leaders and institutio­ns emotional quotient of incumbent and prospectiv­e leaders, media consumptio­n habits and responses to media campaigns, predisposi­tion, and the Duterte administra­tion scorecard.

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