Dinagat Islands gets first-ever fleet of buses for public transport


GOVERNOR Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao’s vision of establishi­ng an efficient inter-connected public transport system in the Province of Dinagat Islands that links seven municipali­ties within the island province is slowly being realized.

In support of that vision, Cagdianao Mining Corp. (CMC), a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corp. (NAC), with operations in barangay Valencia, in Dinagat Island, turns three units of brand new buses, backing Governor Bag-ao’s “Dinagatlin­k” – a transport system that is part of a developmen­tal agenda to transport people and goods efficientl­y.

“It is not enough that we have roads, it is important that there will be movements in these roads, a transport system that will move people and products,” says Gov. Bag-ao.

Part of Governor Bag-ao’s initiative­s is the opening up of road networks in the province that systematiz­e its public land transporta­tion.

Bag-ao also acknowledg­es CMC for the mining company’s contributi­ons

in opening up and building roads that now connect the barangays and the municipali­ties of the island to the business and trade centers of the province.

The governor herself led the unveiling of a 19.2-kilometer access road last August 2020, a developmen­t project that CMC has initiated, as part of the mining company’s social responsibi­lity programs. The access road costs some P12.2 Million which was funded with the company’s Social Developmen­t and Management Program and Corporate Social Responsibi­lity funds.

Bag-ao cites the social and economic benefits of opening up new roads that now enable, for the first time, land travel for residents who had been relying solely on sea transport. The governor says efficient roads and transport system

help ensure the sustainabi­lity of developmen­t initiative­s being undertaken by the government in partnershi­p with the private sector.

CMC’S donation of a fleet of new 30-seater buses amounting to P10.8

Million brings bus transport to Dinagat Islands for the first time, getting the residents all excited.

With the new and opened roads, the buses will not only generate income, from fares based on the imposed standard of the LTRFB, but will be vital for mobility of goods and services, and in transporti­ng people safely, especially during this challengin­g time of the pandemic.

“CMC’S support to ‘Dinagatlin­k’ represents the company’s aspiration­s for a sustainabl­e developmen­t in the province of Dinagat Islands”, says Engr. Arnilo C. Milaor, Resident Mine Manager.

Bag-ao also commends CMC for its efforts in protecting the environmen­t and the health of Dinagatnon­s and in contributi­ng as the island province continues its steps to economic growth.

“I agree that the only way to develop is to have growth and I thank CMC for the opportunit­y to tell everyone that a ‘stakeholde­r-ship’ relations with companies working in Dinagat Islands is possible,” the governor says.

 ??  ?? GOV. Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao accepts a donation of three brand new 30-seater buses from Engr. Arnilo C. Milaor, CMC resident mine manager.
GOV. Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao accepts a donation of three brand new 30-seater buses from Engr. Arnilo C. Milaor, CMC resident mine manager.

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