96 Filipino CPAS step up to Asean-level accountant­s

- By Manuel T. Cayon @awimailbox Mindanao Bureau Chief

DAVAO CIT Y—ninety six more Filipino certified public accountant­s (CPA) have been upgraded to Asean level of profession­al accountant­s, allowing more Filipino accountant­s to compete globally for top-level profession­al positions and responsibi­lities.

Rosanno Luga, president of the Davao City chapter of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountant­s (PICPA) said the new Filipino CPAS inducted and conferred the title “Asean Chartered Profession­al Accountant” came from different parts of the Philippine­s.

They took their oath before Profession­al Regulatory Commission (PRC) Chairman Teofilo S. Pilando Jr. during a formal ceremony on July 31, 2021 hosted by the Profession­al Regulatory Board of Accountanc­y (BOA).

There are about 5,300 Asean profession­al accountant­s to date, Luga said, including the newly conferred Filipino Asean CPAS, “three of whom are members and past presidents of PICPA Davao Chapter who are now holding pertinent positions in the government, namely, Commission on Audit Commission­er Roland C. Pondoc, Energy Regulatory Commission Commission­er Marko Romeo L. Fuentes and PRC-BOA Vice Chair Thelma S. Ciudadano.

The conferment ceremony was done at the sidelines of the 2nd Asean CPA Conference virtually held on July 30 and 31 with Cebu City as the host. The 1st Asean CPA Conference was held in Bali, Indonesia in October 2019. The conferment was worked out by the BOA, PICPA National Office, PICPA Cebu and PRC Internatio­nal Affairs Office.

The elevation of the more Filipino CPAS to the Asean level of profession­al accountant­s came at the heels of the consolidat­ion of the Asean Framework Agreement on Services that “enhances cooperatio­n in services amongst Asean member-states in order to improve efficiency and competitiv­eness.”

Long envisioned to be a single economy, the integratio­n of more profession­al services, including accountanc­y in Asean would help “promote the flow of relevant informatio­n and the exchanging of expertise, experience­s, and best practices suited to specific needs of the 10 Asean member-states: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippine­s.”

The 2nd Asean CPA Conference was held with the theme, Forging Alliances. Strengthen­ing Links, and gathered some of the vast number of CPAS from all over the Asean region, Luga added. “This would afford them the benefits of free flow of services in the region.”

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